“What Was The Dumbest ‘I Read On The Internet…’ Moment You Had With A Patient?”: 48 Doctors Answer

I’m not a physician, however I did take my very aged Nana to the hospital after I confirmed as much as her home and located her slurring her phrases and behaving very unusual general. Now, my Nana is a serious hypochondriac and when she was admitted the very first thing she informed the physician is that she believed she was experiencing the start indicators of Parkinson’s.

It turned out that she had blended up a bottle of non-alcoholic wine with a bottle of standard wine, had drank the complete bottle, and was fully hammered.

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A good friend/Pharmacist informed me a narrative a couple of 17 yo feminine affected person who got here in along with her boyfriend to select up contraception for the primary time. They bought a 28 day provide and had no questions, however returned 2 weeks later saying THEY ran out. The lady stated she learn on Fb that should you each take the capsule as soon as a day it is twice as efficient as a result of it will get into the fellows semen. My good friend stated it was an extended dialog explaining why that does not make sense..We want higher Intercourse Ed within the US lol

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As a normal surgical procedure resident on the colorectal surgical procedure service, we do a variety of hemorrhoids, a**l fissures, and many others. One in all my colleagues prescribed a cream for a middle-aged girl and she or he later referred to as again and requested if the cream would nonetheless work whereas she was on trip in Hawaii. Uh, sure it can, why? She replied, “Bc I used to be informed to use it regionally.”

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Not a doc (nurse) however my physician good friend who works within the ER had a affected person with just a few garlic cloves caught deep in her vagina as a result of she had learn on the web it helps with sure infections and yeast. (I notice garlic does have antibacterial properties however must be used *appropriately* and with warning)

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Not a physician however somebody informed me I ought to drink bleach to treatment diabetes. Okay yeah it might treatment me as a result of a corpse can’t have diabetes can it?

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Once I was a medical pupil I met a girl who was closely focused on homeopathy and pure therapeutic, who began consuming her personal urine. You’ll be able to usually drink small quantities with no challenge, however she was consuming *solely* urine. Urine has a excessive salt focus, and she or he ended up dehydrated with an acute kidney damage.

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My father noticed a affected person who was satisfied that hospitals have been a sham. She had most cancers. She winds up on chemo for a bit however in a short time tells my father she is not going to be taking her remedy anymore as a result of “she is aware of when she’s being scammed” and the unintended effects of her remedy have been “proof”. Apparently, the chemo my father was prescribing was a ploy by Massive Pharma. Apparently, that was what was truly inflicting the “most cancers” within the first place.

Nicely, she decides to go off her remedy for a bit and begins feeling higher as no chemo = no unintended effects from chemo. She takes this as additional proof that hospitals are a sham and begins running a blog about it. Posting on-line about how she’s residing proof that hospitals are fraudulent and telling folks to cease shopping for Massive Pharma’s lies.

She was then despatched again to my father, through ambulance, someday later. The take a look at outcomes have been again and, shock shock, stage 4 most cancers. She died within the hospital later that week.

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I am simply an accountant. As soon as I talked with a diabetic who learn on the web that cinnamon managed blood sugar. So he stopped taking his remedy, and relied on cinnamon as an alternative.

It price him his huge toe, which he misplaced to diabetic amputation.

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I’m not within the medical area, however throughout my time as a pupil with acquaintances within the medical area, two tales marked me:

A lady stored getting pregnant inside months of delivering the final child, so her doctor informed her to take the capsule. She comes again pregnant. The doctor asks “However didn’t you’re taking the tablets?”
“Sure I added them to the meals earlier than serving the entire household”…

One other one was a girl who got here with a child affected by a bizarre pores and skin situation on this buttocks. After leaving no stone unturned the clueless intern asks her to indicate how she takes care of the newborn. Let’s begin by altering diapers. That’s when the mom asks for a glass of water, to pour it within the diaper like they present on TV adverts, earlier than becoming the diaper on the newborn…

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My dad is an ER doc. One in all my favorite current tales of his of the teenager lady with blue legs.

Teen lady and her mother had been ready on the ER for six hours when he got here on shift. He learn the chart earlier than he got here into the room that she had blue legs and was in any other case regular. When he checked out her he didn’t see blue round her mouth and many others that might point out lack of oxygen and her ranges have been regular. Simply shiny blue legs.
He goes over to her with an alcohol swab and wipes a number of the blue off her leg. Then asks her if she simply purchased new denims.
Mother and daughter have a look at one another and burst out laughing – realizing they waited 6 hours within the ER for nothing. He stated that they had a great sense of humour about it and will see how ridiculous all of it was.
Good shaggy dog story that balances out all of the c**p and unhappy stuff he’s seen over time.

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Was recommending the COVID vaccine to a affected person at a routine workplace go to. He stated he learn on the web that they “put a microchip” within the vaccine and that it was “made by the Illuminati”. I pointed at his cellphone and informed him you’re already being tracked buddy, undecided about that Illuminati 5G household plan although.

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I’m an RN. Affected person w/diabetic foot ulcers learn on the web that salt would dry them up. He put his foot in two plastic purchasing luggage w/rock salt & turned his foot into prosciutto principally. Needed to “carve/amputate” most of his foot. He has eternally been nicknamed “hammy” by me.

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Actually within the elevator the opposite day I had a girl look straight at my badge after which inform me “you understand these blue hospital masks are solely good for 30 seconds proper? After that may as effectively not be sporting one”

I truthfully didn’t know how you can reply.

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Medication physician right here; clinic incident some time in the past – discussing preventative drugs with one of many sufferers and inspiring them to get covid vaccine. They refused and I supplied to debate their considerations and hopefully reply any doubts. After speaking some time they lastly stated I’m not going to be getting the vaccine. Advised them I respect their opinion and I’m obtainable if they’ve any questions that come up sooner or later after which informed them that if it makes them really feel higher I bought the vaccine in December 2020 and am very grateful for it as a result of it stored me protected and allowed me to take care of all of the covid sufferers. They checked out me blankly for a full 30 seconds after which stated that I ought to begin getting my affairs so as and that I’m going to die in dec 2022 as a result of they learn on-line that anybody who will get the vaccine will die inside 2 years of getting it. Tried to have a extra knowledgeable dialog with them and supply proof however I noticed I wasn’t getting anyplace.

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I am a nurse practitioner. Once I labored in pressing care I had a affected person inform me he spent 5k of his personal cash (as a result of insurance coverage would not cowl it) on getting an MRI of his shoulder as a result of when he held his arm above his head for a very long time it went numb and tingly. I simply stared at him dumbfounded for about 5 seconds earlier than shifting on.

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I commonly have to elucidate to junior detectives and households that an post-mortem doesn’t operate because it does on CSI and I can not simply speculate wildly in regards to the intercourse, top, hand dominance and motive of a assassin besides in very particular cases. However I do not blame them, I blame f*****g CSI.

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You would be amazed at how many individuals inform me (sort 1 diabetic) that I may may get out from huge pharma and my dependency on insulin if I simply eat proper…

I am skinny and in any other case wholesome. Sort 1 is autoimmune dysfunction that should all the time take insulin as a result of pancreas now not creating any by itself…

These conversations are sometimes met with a clean stare by me.

BearXW , David Moruzzi Report

Respiratory therapist right here. Largely I’ve loved studying the general public feedback on articles regarding COVID. Highlights have included:

“The ventilators are killing folks! If folks can breath on their very own, they do higher on excessive move oxygen” Proper. Imagine it or not, we do not intubate folks as a result of it is a sluggish Tuesday, it is as a result of (within the case of COVID) their oxygen calls for have exceeded different imply of supply (BiPAP, often)

“COVID is not a lung challenge! It is a fuel alternate challenge!” Positive. And the place does the first supply of fuel alternate happen? Yep. That is the lungs.

Additionally had a affected person that did not imagine he had COVID. Even went as far as to ask if the q-tip we used for the take a look at got here from the underside of the field the place it could possibly be contaminated by precise COVID constructive exams, since he heard that may occur. (All our lab exams are individually packaged after all)

We had an older (60s) couple that ended up with COVID, and we had them collectively in the identical room. Most of us thought the person was going to die, as he was fairly dangerous. Their daughter was there virtually across the clock. Many people had lengthy conversations along with her about numerous remedies and expectations. Even she had talked about it was simply so completely different residing through it than what she had been anticipating through social media.

After they had first got here in, we had them in separate, smaller rooms since that is what we had obtainable. After every week or so, one opened up the place we may put them collectively. The daughter requested me level clean “So, are these rooms opening up as a result of the folks in them died?” I used to be sincere. “Sure. That precisely what’s occurring”. She simply nodded her head. I do not assume she was anticipating that reply.

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Had a pt prescribed nuvaring for contraception to be inserted vaginally. Ring lays across the cervix. She got here in complaining it was too tight and wanted an even bigger one. Reveals wrist, pulling on tight ring to indicate how was reducing off blood provide handy 😑

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Not a physician, however I’ve had an occasion the place any individual informed me one thing silly that they learn on the web. A few years in the past, I used to be coping with some delicate again ache. I texted a good friend about it, and after 30 seconds she replies telling me that I’ve backbone most cancers. After telling her that there was no means that I had “backbone most cancers” she continued to insist that she was appropriate and that her mother was a physician so she knew this stuff. smh

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I had a good friend about 10 years in the past go to a “religion healer” for wrist ache from drumming and requested me to go together with him. It was the dumbest s**t I’ve ever seen. He paid her £200 to actually simply wave her fingers over his wrist for 20 minutes whereas some pan-pipe music performed.

Funnily sufficient, it did not treatment his carpal tunnel syndrome. Who would have thought??

It did make me ponder whether I am lacking out on a simple rip-off if individuals are THAT gullible, although XD

kutuup1989 , Towfiqu barbhuiya Report

A lot COVID disinformation!

I take pleasure in educating my sufferers about their well being. It took me numerous hours of finding out in medical faculty and plenty of extra hours than that in residency to determine how the physique works, so I’m not often shocked if sufferers are confused about issues.

Nonetheless, for the reason that begin of the pandemic, I’ve truly needed to preserve present on the newest disinformation simply so I do know the place these questions are literally coming from.

I had a man just a few weeks in the past are available with a Submit-It Be aware with the phrase “Ivermectin” written on it.

I felt like I knew the place this dialog was going, however I requested: “Why would you like a prescription for ivermectin?”

“Simply to have it…”

“Is that this some therapy for COVID?”

“Yeah, I learn on-line from some medical doctors (WHO???) that it will possibly increase the immune system and deal with COVID.”

“Sir, ivermectin is a therapy for intestinal parasites. It does nothing towards a virus just like the coronavirus. Additional, I truly handled folks within the hospital with COVID and rounded in our ICU and none of us have ever prescribed ivermectin to deal with critically ailing COVID sufferers.”

“However I learn on-line from these guys—and so they’re medical doctors—who stated it really works…”

After 5 minutes of backwards and forwards like this, you simply must cease, minimize them off and inform them you’re not prescribing their remedy and transfer on. There’s 20 different sufferers on the schedule at the moment and I can’t combat this battle proper now. Good luck, man.

wanna_be_doc Report

I used to be on night time watch on the ER and a affected person had minimize his finger with a knife whereas cooking. There was a bizarre powder on the wound blended with blood, so I requested what it was and he informed me he put paprika on it to ‘cease the bleeding.

Cotrim0xazole , Tina Dawson Report

Dialog I had with a physician just a few days in the past:

Me: “So I used to be informed that if I can determine what meals I’m consuming that’s giving me gout I can keep away from it and will not have as many flare-ups, is that proper?”

Physician: Actually laughs out loud “aaaaaaaaaaa no. Proof for dietary based mostly administration of gout could be very sketchy at finest. Take the tablets. The place did you even hear that?”

Me: “Your nurse stated it to me…?”

reverendmalerik , Nationwide Most cancers Institute Report

Im not a physician however I did witness a physician making an attempt to assist a toddler throughout my daughters soccer sport in grade faculty The kid dropped to the bottom with leg cramps and the physician instantly got here from the stands and was tending to her when a “Karen” started shouting to him to provide her a banana as a result of they’ve phosphorus in them.

Unwell-Judge5847 , Pandu Dunia Report

My grandpa, earlier than the web, heard by way of the grapevine that placing heat oil plus garlic within the ear could make your ears squeaky clear…..Add the behavior of cleansing with a toothpick, now he has no eardrum in a single ear and partial listening to in [the other].

RAZORthreetwo , Sam Report

Not too long ago. 5 yr outdated boy introduced in by mum with a sore ear. Identified with an ear (otitis media) an infection, given backpocket antibiotics to start out if getting worse or ongoing in one other 36 hours (as they usually go away on their very own).

Mum declined, goes to take the child to a naturopath for therapy as an alternative.

Unlikely to have a poor end result (however nonetheless potential), however why the f**ok did you come and see me?

SolarWizard Report

I had a 25 y/o affected person who complained of completely black stool just a few hours earlier (ie an indication of GI bleeding). No earlier historical past of it, no different warning indicators, completely nice in any other case.
Feeling a bit puzzled, I googled it and rapidly solved the thriller by asking: “Did you by any probability eat a variety of Oreos yesterday?”
Sure, he had eaten a minimum of a bundle 🙂

YAKeyboardWarrior Report

I as soon as had a woman are available who clearly didn’t imagine in fashionable drugs, however needed to see us for an official analysis for her incapacity utility. I keep in mind she in all probability had fibromyalgia, admittedly a really tough situation to handle. She introduced me with a report written by an entire quack (and I take advantage of this time period very not often but it surely applies right here). This “practitioner” had taken a strand of hair and run a “DNA” take a look at on it for some vital amount of cash. The entire report went by way of all her signs, and determined that as a result of the affected person had lived in a mouldy home 10 years in the past, all her signs have been attributable to residual mould in her physique. Particularly named her kidneys, coronary heart, nervous system, and mind as having mould in. Then really useful a homeopathic treatment to repair it. The affected person had swallowed this story hook, line and sinker, and nothing I may say would dissuade her.

It’s the one time I’ve tried to trace down a therapist of any sort to attempt to report them. Funnily sufficient, they selected not to reply to my e-mails or phone messages.

clickygirl Report

The individuals who swear that consuming a Ph balanced weight loss plan will repair their downside. ¨I solely eat alkaline meals and really feel so significantly better. In fact I don´t must examine my blood sugar. That a1c quantity doesn’t inform you something¨ as I’m wrapping up their dying diabetic ulcered foot. Your physique stays in Ph stability by itself as a result of something outdoors of seven.35-7.45 is a steep fast slope to loss of life.

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Not a physician, however a nurse. I had a short (16 months) stint as a sexual well being nurse. So, apparently this bro had examine some folks utilizing xylocaine (native anesthetic) to delay their erection. He didn’t learn that it additionally numbs the world. He used a full tube of the gel and managed to rub himself uncooked.

alxwak Report

I had a affected person being their youngster in demanding to be examined for Tick Borne Paralysis….In a toddler who was not paralyzed….

Deeptooooot Report

[One of my patients] stated she learn on the web that one darkish beer a day earlier than going to mattress helps the newborn keep wholesome whereas breastfeeding

Mito26 , Frank Luca Report

Not a physician. As a transplant recipient, I’ve to take immunosuppressant remedy for the remainder of my life. There are research that some folks do come off them fully, but it surely’s such an enormous danger to take that it might set off organ rejection.

A member of the family of mine nonetheless can’t grasp how a life saving surgical procedure supplied by western drugs which initially saved my life, continues to be conserving me again from residing my life. He advised that I get off my immune suppressants as a result of I’m a money cow for large pharma.

mango_invasion , Towfiqu barbhuiya Report

Not a physician however went to an pressing take care of considerations about an unusually excessive resting coronary heart charge and simply excessive coronary heart charge generally which was very worrisome however type of anticipated (in addition to feeling type of unwell general) after being on 50mg strattera for ADHD and melancholy. The NP stated that it was seemingly from strattera being a stimulant, to which I replied that it was a non-stimulant that I used to be prescribed for each melancholy and ADHD signs however was inquisitive about if my enhance was regular. She appeared irritated and stated “look I feel I do know that ADHD drugs are stimulants mmkay? And I’ve examine strattera on-line: it’s not an antidepressant” and I stated “okay effectively my psychiatrist particularly put me on this remedy to assist melancholy and ADHD as a non-stimulant.” She responded with “I’ll get you a printout of your go to and data to learn about your stimulant.” She returned with out data about my “stimulant”, so I requested innocently in regards to the strattera printout and she or he responded “have a pleasant day” with some angle LMAO

Emo-emu21 Report

Not a physician, however a relative of a physician.

One set of distant cousins stay throughout the road from us, and so they know my sister is a physician. Two members of that family bought identified with some type of most cancers: my cousin’s spouse and one of many folks she employed in her enterprise (enterprise was arrange in her dwelling).

Each of them consulted with my sister (observe: oncology just isn’t her specialty, however she’s bought a great community of fellow medical doctors whom she may refer folks to), who suggested them to see an oncologist that she is aware of. Our cousin’s spouse determined that that was too costly and went on some type of holistic/natural medical route, *regardless of my sister’s warnings*. The worker needed to see the oncologist, however she was nervous that she couldn’t afford it; she additionally had a household to help, and she or he was scared to depart them. My sister managed to get the worker to her oncologist good friend and get her the therapy she wanted and have the bills paid. Undecided if she paid out of pocket or rallied someplace for monetary help, however the assist was given (and I am so pleased with my sister).

The worker survived; our cousin’s spouse handed away virtually a yr later.

tacwombat Report

Had a affected person are available with horrid cellulitis bc they thought they learn that placing filth in a minimize would assist stimulate their immune system. It did for all of the mistaken causes.

CaptainSpalding232 Report

Once I was a pupil I had a affected person come into the ER previous midnight one night time complaining a couple of rash that had been so itchy that he can’t sleep. I requested if he’s seen a dermatologist as a result of it had been happening for some time and he stated sure. The dermatologist prescribed a med that had stopped the itching, however the affected person doesn’t take it anymore as a result of it makes him really feel sleepy.

Creatine-creatinine Report

Not me however my good friend who has a physician of pharmacy works in a pharmacy stated that after she had a feminine affected person who got here in with a vaginal yeast an infection (signs embrace thick white discharge resembling cottage cheese). She was prescribed a vaginal cream. Then she proceeded to ask with a severe face whether or not her boyfriend can “lick her pussy” later that day since google informed her that this an infection isn’t severe.

crustypeach_ Report

Im not a physician however I requested a physician a extremely dumb query as soon as. My stepndaughter could be very Underweight. She is in 1 p.c for age and top. We have now been making an attempt laborious to assist her achieve weight whereas being wholesome and growing good consuming habits. We dont wish to encourage over consuming or consuming nothing however junk meals in order that if it seems her weight is well being associated or her metabolism adjustments she doesnt find yourself over weight.

One set of grandparents revelaed to us they have been serving to her stretch her abdomen. She would eat till full after which they’d power her to maintain consuming so her abdomen would get larger. This seemed like nonsense to me and even the web did not help it as being actual outdoors of fringe weight lifting boards.

To close them up about it I requested the physician. The physician gave me a glance of disbelief like I had simply requested if unicorns could possibly be utilized within the course of and stated that wasn’t a factor. The physician did say to provide the child Pediasure which the grandparents logically recuse to do.

Sabupoo Report

Two most important contenders:

Younger grownup girl is available in with backyard selection UTI signs. She’s terrified and distraught. Apparently good outdated Dr. Google informed her SHE has prostate most cancers.

A unique younger girl comes into the ER complaining of painful urination and blood within the urine. This time Dr. Google knowledgeable her she most definitely has bladder most cancers.

(Dis?)honorable point out: “wholesome” grownup man, refused Covid vaccination, who I am admitting for hypoxia from Covid. Demanding I deal with him with ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine. As a result of the web says they’re magical cures.

Nearly forgot about one from residency. Fellow has extreme coronary heart failure (performing at 5%) and an enormous blood clot in his coronary heart that might trigger a stroke/loss of life at any time. Refuses an implanted defibrillator as a result of “electromagnetic waves will poison his mind and coronary heart”. Refused to take warfarin (a blood thinner to dissolve the damaging clot) as a result of it is “rat poison” and demanded to be prescribed Coumadin as an alternative. For many who did not know, Coumadin IS warfarin. He additionally subjected me to an extended rant as soon as in regards to the horrible medical doctors who needed him to take “chemotherapy” for a UTI. The “chemotherapy” was ciprofloxacin, a generally used antibiotic for, amongst different issues, UTIs.

Irrelevant_username1 Report

Greatest good friend is ER physician and somebody got here into ER as a result of they couldn’t get an erection

erin_baile Report

I feel that is pretty frequent however my dad was a psychiatrist and extra then as soon as after he gave a analysis and remedy to a affected person they’d appropriate him saying that he was mistaken as a result of they learn on the web that that they had one other situation and so he needed to give them the remedy they have been suggesting as an alternative. In order that they have been principally simply anticipating him to signal the prescription they have been asking (for sure he did not)

Tough_marshmallow Report

As a medical pupil, on day in ER I met a younger man (30s) who informed me that his knees have been completely different one from one other. He was having a bathe when he noticed that and determined to go to the hospital. I checked out his knees and there have been regular, not swollen in any respect. I made him transfer the legs, touched the knees to see if he had ache. Nothing. Nothing in any respect. His knees have been good, perhaps one completely different from the opposite one, however human physique just isn’t good. Proper and left sides are completely different. I made my job with care whereas I used to be questioning what to inform to this man. The scenario was actually bizarre, however this man appeared okay, no psychiatric affected person.
On the finish I informed him that it was all proper, then I referred to as the ER physician and went to go to one other affected person (my job was to hear and go to one affected person, write down and wait the physician in cost for the official medical examination or go to a different affected person).
There are lots of people who come to ER for issues than will be resolved with a traditional medical go to outdoors of the hospital

Somnscipios Report

not a physician or nurse or something, however my good friend as soon as minimize himself and he stated that he learn on the intenet if he rubbed filth in it he would not get most cancers… LIKE WTF

Damnitspongebobby Report

Not a “physician” however a veterinary technician. We had folks are available with a canine that was heartworm constructive. Didn’t wish to do therapy as a result of what we use to kill the heartworms is poison. They have been going to provide the canine Guinness beer trigger they learn on an animal rescue web page it’s a protected therapy. The quantity to kill the heartworms was additionally a harmful quantity for the canine. These so referred to as animal “rescues” amaze me with their ignorance.

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