Negative ideas about money that you should change

Your financial "health" not only depends on how much money you earn and how much money you manage to save each month, but also how you think about it. That's why today I'm sharing 3 misconceptions you have about money that you should change.

Money is evil: Money as such is not evil, what is evil is the use we give it. Money is just an object that we decide how we invest or how we relate to it. So, to change this idea, you must sit down, analyze what your values are as a person and see if they are aligned with the way you are using money.

The important thing is not what you earn, but what you save: Actually, both are important. If you save but earn little, your level of growth will be very slow. As a solution to this, you can cut certain expenses that are not important or, with the available money you have, generate secondary income. This will increase the difference between your expenses and your income.

Money does not buy happiness: Money is what allows you to eat, what allows you to have a home to live in and go on vacation to the place of your dreams. Money itself does not give you happiness, but the peace of mind that financial well-being gives you does. It all depends on the use you give it, and whether or not you decide to have a positive impact on society.

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