6 tips to reduce energy consumption in your company

Reducing energy consumption represents a significant percentage of the greenhouse gas reduction potential. In many cases, it is an extremely attractive initial investment that pays for itself over time. This has made it a priority for many companies.

With technological advances many ways have been discovered to achieve this goal, which in turn drives sustainable business growth.

But, beyond reducing operating costs, what is the importance of saving energy in companies? And, more importantly, how to guarantee this reduction?

In this article we address the importance of this practice at the business level and some actions that you can implement to guarantee it.

4 benefits of reducing your company's energy consumption
The efficient use of energy is a win-win for the environment and companies. Here are the main advantages of saving energy:

  1. Improve the image of the company
  2. Reduce costs
  3. Improves competitiveness
  4. 6 key tips to reduce energy consumption in the company
  5. Create a culture of energy savings
  6. Prioritize highly energy efficient equipment
  7. Encourage the use of natural light
  8. Take advantage of teleworking
  9. Use technology to your advantage

Improve the image of the company

Companies that carry out socially responsible practices oriented towards sustainability are more attractive to consumers. This is because they project a positive image to their clients that allows them to better sustain their position in the market and, in the long run, expand their operations.

Reducing energy consumption and making its use more efficient through sustainable practices benefits business performance by:

  • Optimize your relationship with consumers;
  • Allow the attraction of investments;
  • Improve the attraction of talent;
  • Protect business reputation.
  • Now, it's important that companies actually take action and not just seek to sway public opinion through the impression that the brand is "sustainable."

Reduce costs

Electricity and fuel consumption is an inevitable investment for companies, however, when its use is excessive, it becomes an unjustified expense.

Reducing energy consumption, limiting it to what is necessary and avoiding waste is an expedited way to reduce the costs of operational and administrative activities.

For example, in the hotel sector, studies have shown that it is possible to reduce from 20 to 35% of the energy used in heating, lighting and hot water equipment.

In general terms, good energy management guarantees an improvement in specific consumption (the energy used per unit of product), which entails a reduction in the payment of electricity bills.+

Improves competitiveness

When production costs are reduced, it is possible to have more competitive prices in the market, a higher ROI, or both.

In addition, an improvement in energy indicators allows companies to compete with others in the same sector at a national and international level.

6 key tips to reduce energy consumption in the company

There is no small or big action. Every decision you make to save energy will help both the planet and your business.

Let's see some practical tips to get started!

Create a culture of energy savings

It is essential that the people who make up the company are on the same page. To do this, a business culture based on sustainability must be promoted that allows the optimization of resources.

At this point you can offer informative talks to workers and establish rules that reduce electricity consumption, such as the proper use of electronic equipment.

Prioritize highly energy efficient equipment

You probably think that this entails a higher investment, since the equipment has a higher value; however, in the long term the savings in electricity consumption will be considerable and will translate into less expenses and the optimization of economic resources.

In addition, this type of equipment is usually of better quality: it has a longer useful life than others and, therefore, better performance.

Encourage the use of natural light

Taking advantage of naturally lit spaces is a good option to reduce energy consumption. Additionally, natural light positively influences the mood and performance of workers, since it generates a more pleasant environment.

When spaces do not allow it, an alternative is the use of low consumption lighting sources.

Take advantage of teleworking

If the work of your company allows it, promoting teleworking can reduce energy consumption in the company in particular.

In Europe, for example, the modality of teleworking in companies has begun to be promoted in order to reduce energy consumption to face the hydrocarbon crisis.

Invest in sustainable energy
There are clean energy generation technologies that can provide electricity to some companies. An example is solar panels, which use sunlight to produce electricity.

This type of technology involves a considerable initial investment, however, the long-term benefits are greater, reducing costs and increasing environmental awareness in the company.

Use technology to your advantage

Technology offers various alternatives that allow not only to optimize operations, but also to reduce the waste of various kinds of resources (energy, material and human).

An example of this is the adoption of the electronic signature, a tool that saves time, energy and resources. We tell you how!

Reduce the use of paper and ink, up to 55%: it will no longer be necessary to print and file all the documents.

Minimize the use of electronic equipment such as printers.

It allows working remotely, which helps to reduce the electricity bill of the offices.

Improve workflows, increasing the productivity of collaborators. This, in turn, reduces time in the office, and consequently, electricity hours.

It allows you to review and sign documents from anywhere in the world with the use of an electronic device, instead of using multiple computers to send the documents.

The implementation of the electronic signature also makes it possible to reduce carbon emissions and curb the effects of climate change.

You can use this tool to reduce energy consumption in your company, offering the customer a more pleasant experience without having to go through tedious processes that could affect the final purchase.

In the case of DocuSign, since 2003 we have helped hundreds of companies replace nearly 55 billion sheets of paper with digital processes, preserving more than 6 million trees required to manufacture those resources. An incredible number!

If you want to integrate sustainability strategies into your company by implementing technologies such as electronic signatures, we invite you to contact our sales team! We will give you all the information about it.

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