6 reasons why your company should invest in solar panels

6 reasons why your company should invest in solar panels

Is it a good idea to invest in solar panels in 2022? With everything that's going on these past few years and months? The answer is yes! Many experts consider these next few years as the breaking point, that is, the breaking point. This means that it is the point at which, if things are not fixed, they can explode, since we are on the brink of collapse at the energetic level.

Investing in the renewable energy sector, specifically in solar energy, is investing in the future of your company. Not only will it allow future generations to enjoy a cleaner and healthier environment, but it will also allow your company to get rid of high monthly electricity bill charges. But the best thing is that, in addition to this benefit, there are many other reasons why investing in solar panels is a good decision. We tell you all below:

  1. Savings on the electric bill
  2. Full return on investment
  3. Real estate revaluation
  4. Stability and guarantee
  5. Awareness and Corporate Social Responsibility
  6. Self-sufficiency and energy independence

Savings on the electric bill

The independence that having its own solar panels brings to a company means that it does not depend on the current large fluctuations in the price of electricity. Solar energy is a profitable solution, as it will allow savings in the medium/long term.

If we think of a regular electricity bill, it takes into account 4 concepts:

Amount for contracted power: It depends on the power and the billing period, if it is monthly, quarterly, etc.
Amount for energy consumed: Depends on the energy actually consumed during the billing period.
Electricity tax: Calculated on the previous one, about 5.11%.
VAT: 21%

On the other hand, with the installation of solar panels, these amounts can be significantly reduced, especially the electricity tax and VAT.

Full return on investment

A study carried out by Barclays in the United Kingdom analyzed whether the decision to invest in renewable energy and processes was profitable for a company. According to this survey, 75% of the companies stated that having made this investment had commercially benefited the company, not only in terms of energy savings, but also in terms of consumers' perception of a sustainable company.

There are companies that are not interested in this type of investment due to the fact that the “initial cost is very high”. Despite the fact that, depending on the project, this high initial cost may be a reality, one must think in the medium and long term, since over the years it is possible to recover 100% of it.

Real estate revaluation

Another of the positive aspects of investing in solar energy consists of the revaluation of the property. In the case of a private home, the example is clear, because in this market people who want to buy a home may feel more willing to pay extra for that condition.

Despite the fact that in the business or industrial field this aspect may be more difficult to identify, it will also allow your warehouse, factory or office headquarters to be revalued. Therefore, if you have any type of building, this investment will allow that if you decide to sell it in the future, it will have a higher value for the simple fact of having an already implemented energy structure.

It is estimated that these homes and buildings that have solar panels can revalue the property between 10% and 20%.

Stability and guarantee

After all the conflicts and situations of these years, there is one thing that remains, especially in our country: the sun rises every day. And when it doesn't, we can still take advantage of it, as it should be remembered that solar panels can generate energy even at night.

Therefore, this solution allows you not to be worried about the day to day, the rises and falls of electricity prices or the situations of the environment in your country, since you will be able to continue enjoying the energy transformed by your solar panels. In addition, the guarantee of the useful life of the solar panels will allow them to be enjoyed between 25 and 40 years.

Awareness and Corporate Social Responsibility

Another of the great reasons would be awareness and protection of the environment, since investing in solar panels means helping to care for the planet. In addition, the sustainable brand image that ensures the care of the environment in which it operates allows not only to have a good relationship with the public of your company, but also with the rest of the population.

Self-sufficiency and energy independence

One of the most common problems is the concern about the arrival of food supplies or oil, for example. In this sense, having a network of solar panels allows you to become independent from this traditional model where you have to wait for the provider to deliver that energy. You will be able to have energy and electricity by your own means, without depending on any other external agent.

In addition, it should be remembered that photovoltaic systems not only They generate energy for direct consumption, but rather have batteries to charge the surplus energy and be able to use it at any time, such as when there is no direct sunlight and the speed of energy generation is reduced. If you still don't know how to get started with a solar energy project, here are the 4 things you have to do before installing a solar panel. If you want to implement a solar panel installation project, from Alusín Solar we offer you a completely free technical advice with us to be able to know your needs and adapt the project to your particular case. Whether you know what you need to implement or if you are in a more initial phase, we can help you:

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