5 superpowers to raise capital

The strength of a good entrepreneur lies in his inner knowledge, that is, the ability to know his power and ideals. Being a business leader requires living up to your ideas, so here I share the 5 super powers to raise capital:

1-Have an excellent story to tell and know how to communicate it effectively. This point is crucial to emotionally connect with your audience, in this case, investors.

2- Have an excellent execution and internal organization, presenting healthy finances, organized and audited by an accountant. This influences the credibility that you transmit as an entrepreneur, and the trust that your company or Startup generates in investors or clients.

3.Create a metrics-oriented culture with well-established KPIs. This in order to control whether the marketing activities you are carrying out are working or not.

4.Present a clear vision of where you want to go in the next five or ten years. This will reinforce your credibility, both as an entrepreneur and of the company itself. Also, investors love that you have short-term and long-term growth projections.

5.Have the best attitude and a smile to make investors fall in love. And not only to make investors fall in love, but to transmit good energy and a lot of security about what you are doing.

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